‘The Next Game’: A Story Of Transition

Listen to all 8 episodes below (click image):

Current professional rugby player and freelance journalist, Will Hooley, seeks to understand what it takes to make a prosperous transition away from the sports field and into the real world of life after professional sport. Hooley speaks to former, and even current, professional rugby players, who have made that transition, sharing their advice, challenges and experiences. All this, whilst also taking a trip down memory lane, looking back at their rugby careers.

Available on all podcast platforms including Apple and Spotify. Click image:

EPISODE 1 – with Brad Barritt

EPISODE 2 – with Gareth Steenson & Matt Jess

EPISODE 3 – with Charlie Hodgson

EPISODE 4 – with Katy Daly-McLean & Rocky Clark

EPISODE 5 – with Jack Willis

EPISODE 6 – Blaine Scully & Chris Wyles

EPISODE 7 – with Tom May

EPISODE 8 – with Damian Hopley & Andrew Lewis

(All episodes sponsored by Sanlam)


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